Designed for drivers only

When you want to earn money, open the app and start receiving travel requests. You will receive the passengers information , directions, travel origin and destination. Once your trip is completed you can receive another request near you. You can register at any time whenever you are ready to start this journey and start a success. On all of the internet services, driver is the most basic pillar and the most important factor in business formation. The distinction of triploco project with similar services is that we support drivers rights by getting the lowest commissions.

How to earn money on the triploco service

Triploco by only receiving %13 commission and software exploit right gives the drivers the maximum income.

Vehicle depreciation calculation

The triploco app is designed and implemented in a way that based on vehicle type, distance and route traffic, calculates the depreciation price and applies that on the travel price.

On time payment

The money paid online will be transferred to drivers announced bank account within the shortest possible time.

Permanent support by the targeter

The triploco service is designed and implemented in a way that you will have to have an invitation to register a new driver. The targeter which is the interface between the company and driver is obligated to be accessible

at any time or hour of the day to respond to drivers requests and needs and if necessary, inform the company. It should be added that the driver can also directly report to company’s support. It is worth mentioning that the driver can notify the company if the targeter is inactive.
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The other special privilege of triploco service for drivers is becoming targeter as well . With this method , driver can have a higher income in addition to the driving income . To become a driver-targeter , first you need to install the targeter app and then request to become a targeter and finish the registration stages .

Register easily

In triploco you can register using the targeter by showing and presenting the vehicle documents and identity documents and there is no need to your presence in company. All you have to do is to have the required documents ready to be activated in the system.

At this point , you will also be activated as a targeter. A feature of becoming targeter is that you can benefit from the advantages presented and explained in targeter section, which for boosting the drivers motivation, presents an algorithm that allows the driver-targeter to earn %1 more than the normal commission of each level monthly.

Time management

Each driver can choose their working time based on their own living conditions.

Car safety and security

It should be that safety comes first, specially in jobs that are directly related to human factors. The user (driver) must always check on the car’s safety and ensure the car’s correct functionality and then attend to service. By doing this, you keep you and your passengers safe and in comfort. We are with you 24/7 and keep your travels safe.

Drive in your city

Triploco has made it possible for you to drive in your own city and you do not need to move to raise your income. You can use the driver app if there is only one targeter in your city.