Whenever you are ready to travel ,get to your destination just by a touch

Choose your ride, set your location , enter the destination, see the price and then click on the request. Triploco service automatically finds your location to present you the door-to-door service. Before the driver arrives to your location, you will receive the drivers name and profile to provide you with a safe journey. Our drivers are available 24/7 in any weather condition and will provide the best route to your destination.


The safety of dear passengers during and after trip is important for us, so we help to have millions of safe trips ever day by helping the technology development.

Everywhere and available for everyone

All the passengers requests will be sent to nearest driver without no limitation, so there will be no discrimination based on race or gender.

Anonymous comment

After every trip, dear passengers can evaluate the driver and comment on the trip anonymously. We will review all of the comments because it is our goal to present you a great experience on every trip.

Driver profiles

When you accept a driver, you will observe the name and profile. Then you will know who you chose, therefor, even after the trip, if you leave something in the car, you can contact your driver and get it delivered as soon as possible.

safety tips

1. Before riding and using the triploco service check on the drivers name, drivers photo and license plate. Please never use the car claiming to be from the triploco service before checking the service provider specifications.
2. Use the backseat if you are traveling alone. This makes it easier for you to use both back doors for emergency exit.

Alternative phone numbers

TripLoco service When you and the driver need to communicate with each other, using call substitution technology, your personal information, including a passenger number, is used by the driver and the alternate number.

3. Control centers reports show that using seat belt is most effective way for saving travelers lives and reducing car damages.
4.By selecting share status, share your travel information with a friend or someone you know. In this condition the driver’s profile will be sent to your friends and they will be informed about your journey details.