Who is the targeter?

Targeter play’s a basic and key role in triploco’s project . As you can see , targeter means leader . In fact , targeter is a leader and a manager him/her self who establishes a set of people and then manages and achieves a high and proper income this way .

Who can be the targeter ?

To become a targeter first you need good morals, social disposition and strong public relations. The person who wants to be a targeter must have a high and strong culture and manners. Targeter should be able to manage a set, consisted of 2 to 350 people in the best way.

The targeter must have mental health confirmation and no criminal background (criminal record). Targeter does not need to have any especial degree of education but having an academic degree can certainly help managing the set better. To become a targeter there are no sexual limitations. The age of people who can be a targeter should be between 20 to 60. Targeter should have a good working spirit and also managing abilities. Targeter should be able to face different people. Targeter should have the ability to commit the set.
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What are the advantages of becoming a targeter ?

A targeter has awesome and sometimes dreamy benefits. Self-employment no investment requiring job can be named as one of the first distinguished features of this job. In the current society that starting any job need’s investment or connections, a targeter

by having the abilities that mentioned above can easily create a job with a reasonable income for him/her self without any investment , which according to primary calculations this income can start from 2 million toman in a months and increase to 20 million tomans and even more according to targeter’s efforts. These numbers are not promotional at all and can be easily calculated. The way that targeters operate will be explained in the following paragraphs. Targeter is literally a manager. Targeter manages his/her own time and place. The targeter does not work 24/7 but he earns money 24/7. So with that said, you can be a targeter as your second job, if you alredy have a job, and because you manage your working time, it makes no limitations for you.
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How to become a targeter ?

First you need to download the triploco application from our website triploco.me, bazaar, google play or app store and after the installation, you need to register and send the required information. Make sure you read the whole contract and conditions before you confirm them. After completing the registration stages you can start your job.

For completing the rest of the documents you will have 30 days as a deadline to send the documents. Your membership will be expired in case that you do not send us the documents. It is worth noting that agency owners in case they represent a valid authorization, they will earn special privileges that will be mentioned in the targeter’s income calculation section.
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How a targeter operates ?

After the registration and activating the targeter app, you can start attracting drivers according to conditions and announced instructions. You earn a percentage from each trip that the drivers you attracted take, so the more drivers you attract, the more you earn. You must absorb more drivers and manage and follow them up in a way to make them take more tips so that your income increases as well as them. It should be noted that simultaneous attention should be paid to quality and quantity.

The conditions that company pay's attention to for giving promotions

The company's commission

The triploco’s commission for each trip of dear drivers is %13. The triploco company for preserving the drivers rights and honoring their efforts, pay’s the targeters commission from its own commission at the end of each month. For instance a first level targeter earns %3 from each trip and the triploco company earns %10.

How to calculate targeter's income?

Targeters are divided into 2 groups. Normal targeters and special targeters who are agency owners. Representing a valid authorization to confirm the agency owners is a must. Following section is how the incomes are calculated :

Normal targeters :

First level (silver): in this level targeter earns a %3 commission from each trip and can only attract a total of 50 drivers.

Second level (platinum): this level is achieved after attracting more than 50 drivers and obtaining the promotion conditions. In this level your commission will be %4 from the whole trip expense and you can attract a total of 150 drivers.

Third level (gold): this level that is achieved after attracting more than 150 drivers and obtaining the promotion conditions is the final level for targeters and they can earn a high monthly income. In this level targeter earns %5 from each trip and can attract a total of 350 drivers. The number of 350 drivers is the end point od attracting for targeters and after this level targeters should be thinking of promoting their drivers service quality. The positive operation of drivers will give drivers some privileges that will be mentioned.

special targeters :

Firs level (gold): special targeters because of their precedent, experience and special respect to them will go straight to the gold level after they registered. In this level they earn %5 from each trip and they can attract a total of 50 drivers.

Second level (sapphire): after attracting more than 50 drivers, special targeters will enter the second level and earn %6 from each trip and they can attract a total of 150 drivers.

Third level (diamond): by obtaining the special conditions and promoting to third level, special targeters will achieve %7 commission from each trip and in this level they can attract a total of 350 drivers.

How to obtain the promotion conditions between triple levels ?

This conditions are similar and equal for both types of targeters. Every targeter who reaches to the end of each level can go to the next level after 30 days and also after receiving the operation confirmation from the triploco company. The important point is that the targeter cannot attract any drivers in this 30 days.

1. The time of reaching to the end of current level.
2. Failure to report any basic offenses against sub-category drivers.
3. Handling the traveler’s criticisms on time.
4. The way that targeter track’s and control’s the drivers conditions. The apparent qualities of drivers and cars.
5. The number of the trips of sub-category drivers.
6. Number of the rejected travel requests by sub-category drivers.

A plan for accelerating the promotions

In case that the targeter attracts drivers according to the schedule of triploco company, they will not have to wait for 30 days for promotion and they can go straight to the next level without any delay. The company’s algorithm work’s this way that in the first week after the registration targeter can attract 5 drivers and 15 for the second week and 30 for the third week and 50 for the forth week. In case that one of the weeks does not go according to the algorithm, the targeter will enter to the next level by the normal conditions.

Factors that cut off the collaboration with the targeter :

1. Not engaging a driver for up to 60 days. You will be warned first by sending a message.
2. Sending a driver’s violation report by the passengers and not being tracked by targeter.
3. Any action that causes a hit to company’s name or its credit.
4. Lake of attention to company’s messages and reminders.
5. Failure to receive or send drivers documents or any fraud in driver authorization.